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 Photo: serbian ethno village Stanisici near Bijeljina
( Image gallery: serbian ethno village Stanisici, Bosnia-Herzegovina)


serbian ethno village Stanisici near Bijeljina
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serbian ethno village Stanisici
Bosnia-Herzegovina (Republika srpska)
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semberac   08.11.2010
bijeljina je srce srpske

bosni   16.05.2010
lepo mesto

bosni   07.04.2010
no bosnia has mosques almost 20 mosques for each church but its becouse majority of ppl are muslim but alot of beautiful churches too.Sarajevo=European JURUSALEM

Troya Abdul   02.09.2009
Boznia only have the church and haven`t mosque?

sybella   17.05.2009
t is very nice and natural

ashley   07.01.2009
so beautiful

h'dumi   07.01.2009
this such a beautiful places it`s have water,what is it in side


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